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Online Tools I Use to Get The Job Done

Over the years, I’ve managed to acquire an arsenal of tools I use to work and play daily, and I love sharing them because they bring me so much joy. Every tool on this list I am currently using or have used extensively in the past for work, so I stand by them. Hopefully they can help you the way they’ve helped me.



Trello Flexible productivity app for planning and goal tracking. See a few examples of how to use it here.

Evernote Note-taking app on steroids. Can store text as well as images and audio. My go-to digital filing cabinet.

Sunrise Calendar  Think Google Calendar but waaay sexier. It connects with GCal, iCal, Facebook, Trello, Evernote, etc. Last calendar app you’ll ever need.

Feedly Pulls in all the latest blog posts from your favorite sites so you can catch up on your blog reading all at once, instead of going to each site.

Pen & Paper  No, not an app, literal pen and paper. I use them constantly for planning my day or brainstorming. Lover of Moleskines when I feel rich enough to ship them to Jamaica.


Social Media Management

Note: I don’t do social media management anymore, but when I did, these were my trusted friends.

Buffer Social media scheduling app. You set a posting time, add the messages (tweets, Facebook posts, whatever) and it does the rest. Love them!

Onlypult What Buffer does for almost every other social media app, this does for Instagram. Schedule IG images and captions and go about your day.

Twitter Analytics Any true social media manager should be measuring their results! And why go to a third party when you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth?

Facebook Insights Same horse’s mouth rules apply. very in-depth analytics on Facebook Page performance (not for personal profiles).

SumAll Used to be totally free, now totally paid and pretty expensive. Don’t recommend if you’re just getting into things, but still one of the best online marketing measurement apps around.

Warble Alerts Plug in your search term, it will alert you via email whenever someone mentions it on Twitter. Pro Tip: Avoid general terms, plug in your website name (eg. “”) to see when anyone tweets a link from your site..

Regrann– IG doesn’t allow reposting of other people’s content but this gets around that, and even copies the caption. You can also save IG photos to your device.


Business Management

Payoneer If you don’t live in the US, this will help you get money you earn on PayPal in your country. See my review for more info here.

PayPal If you work or want to sell products online, this is the best way and most popular way to collect your money.

Wave Apps This is a full service accounting app that’s perfect for small business owners. Also has a great invoicing feature.

Dropbox Cloud storage app that allows you to access your files from almost any device.


Design (for Amateurs)

Canva Free design app for non-designers. Has templates for almost any design project you can come up with. Paid option for businesses.

PicMonkey Design and photo editing app. Really great for photo touch-ups and creating PNG images for the non-Photoshoppers like myself.

Stock Up Perfect place for free stock photos from about 26 different free stock image sites. Has a great search engine too.


Blog Management

A Small Orange The mom-and-pop version of website hosting. I love them for their round-the-clock live messaging customer service. And prices are reasonable too.

Independent Publisher Theme The theme of this blog, with a few small CSS tweaks. It’s free and available in the WordPress theme store.

CloudFlare Content delivery network that eases the load off your website to make it load faster, more secure and less susceptible to crashing by overload or malicious attack.

Yoast SEO Best plugin ever! Checks posts for best SEO practices and allows you to customize what’s seen when your articles are shared on social media.

Pretty Link Lite Allows you to take random links from anywhere and make them into a link with your domain name for easy sharing. For example, I take my lengthy Payoneer affiliate link and make it into


Learning Spanish

Duolingo Takes you through levels of exercises to learn Spanish words and phrases and practice usage.

Memrise Useful for memorizing Spanish words. Some lovely person also built a Duolingo deck on Memrise so you can study both together.

Mi Vida Loca A course from the BBC made specifically for those who just need to learn the basics for short trip to Spain (also works for other Spanish-speaking countries).


Learning Coding

Codecademy Takes you through exercises to teach you coding and various languages. Perfect for beginners.

Dash (General Assembly) A few website coding exercises to get you comfortable with building. Supplementary at best, but I love it.


Google Chrome Extensions

I have a Chromebook as my main laptop so I use these a lot.

Emoji Input Puts emojis in your messages, great for Twitter.

One Click Extension Manager Allows you to manage all your extensions and turn them off as needed to speed up browser.

WhatFont Check the fonts used on any webpage you’re one. Really for designers and font-obsessed nutjobs like myself.

Classic Retweet Allows you to retweet with comment on Twitter (like we used to), as opposed to quoting the tweet link.

Twitcher – Twitter Account Switcher Allows you to switch between multiple accounts without having to re-login to each one.

Video Speed Controller Speeds up and slows down almost any online video, especially if you hate watching videos at regular speed.

Sidekick by Hubspot Email extension which allows you to track the emails you send and tell when they are read. Also schedules emails to be sent at a later date.

TorrentStream and TorrentStream Helper Two separate extensions that work together to help you stream torrents directly in your browser, rather than downloading. Works brilliantly.



USTVNOW Watch American TV stations online. 6 main channels are free, others are available cheap.

Connectify Connect your laptop to the Internet and use this to create a hotspot to connect your other devices. (Great when you have to pay for each connection.)

Aldiko Phone app I use for reading the e-books I don’t buy through Kindle.

Zamzar Converts almost every file imaginable within minutes.

Rev Captioning Shameless plug! Rev is not a tool I use so much as the company I work for. They offer captioning and transcription services so if you’re ever in need, check them out.

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  1. Very useful list of tools, Stacy. I especially love your list of social media management tools. By the way, I wish you had a post about how to setup Paypal with Payoneer. I heard that this is no longer possible for persons living outside of the USA. Is it still possible?

    • Hey thanks Brian. I think a tutorial post on how to add Payoneer to PayPal is a great idea. I get questions about it a lot. Will see what I can do. It is possible, I know a few who have done it recently. As I suggested in my Payoneer post, just call PayPal and ask them to help you add bank account (don’t tell them its Payoneer). If they realize it’s Payoneer, just call back later and try again until someone does it for you.

  2. Hi Stacy. I enjoyed the read, very informative. I’m about to sign up with Rev. will let you know how I progress. Keep up your great work. I found you as I was searching for online jobs. Keep going Stacy.

    I want to try my hand at blogging and content writing too. All advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Charmaine, thanks for commenting! 🙂 Only advice I have is to dive right in and start writing about things you’re passionate about. Do it continuously and you will keep improving as you go along. And don’t be afraid to share your opinion on things, even if it’s different or not widely accepted.

      Rev has been a life saver for me. Hope you get in!

      • Hi Stacy. I have my payoneer card but there is no funds on it and I want to link it to my paypal. But its very hard to add funds on it. What can I do? Do you mind sponsoring me if thats an option and I will return the funds.

  3. This post rocks! It’s definitely a comprehensive resource post for those of us who make our “bread and butta” on the Internet. I definitely see a few that I’m going to look into using. One resource that I love using as well is You can actually post to Instagram from your computer with Grum. That’s really helpful for me – and I think the service is pretty fairly priced too at $9.95 p/m (since no other app/website allows you to do what they do.)

    • I forgot to reply to this when I saw it but thank yooooouuuu so much for the Grum recommendation. I checked it out and it’s perfect for me. There is a competitor – Onlypult – but I’m really preferring Grum’s interface. You’re awesome 🙂

  4. Hi Stacy, I applied on Rev for some caption work and waiting on them to reply, I am agraphic designer are there any sites that I might be able to get some graphic work.