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Grace’s Newest #FlavaWithABeat Video Has Lots Of Flair (LINK) – Blog post on BASHY Magazine featuring an interview with well-known Jamaican brand, Grace Foods on their latest ad featuring popular dancehall artiste, Ding Dong.

These Curb Appeal Landscaping Hacks Could Add Up to 12% to Your Property Value (LINK) – Blog post about adding value to a house before selling, written for HomeLight, a real estate agent search engine.

The Ultimate Insider Guide to Planning Your Destination Wedding in Jamaica (LINK) – Free downloadable guide for prospective clients for ChloMö Projects and Events, wedding and event planning company.

5 Spectacular Reasons to Use A Non-Floral Bouquet for Your Wedding (LINK) – Blog post about floral alternatives for weddings, written for HOF Decor, floral and decor company.

GO Brand Development [Case Study] (LINK– The story of how design agency, Chrysalis Communications, created the brand identity for a nationally-used brand that no one knew existed.

3 Blogs to Fuel Your Inner Geek and Become More Productive (PNG) – Blog post for Jamaican tech blog, TechDasher.


Business Content

Coffee N Creme Cafe Blurb (PDF) – A short description of a boutique coffee shop used on their website and promotional material.

Deloitte & Pressly: Exponential Growth & Big Wins (PDF) – Case study on how Deloitte (international professional services company) used Pressly’s digital curation app for staff engagement & inspiration.

HOF Décor ‘About Us’ Page (PDF) – About Us page for a floral and decor company catering mostly to large events and destination weddings.

Partnering With A Purpose (PDF) – Speech for the CEO of an audiovisual rental and DJ services company hosting their first networking event.


Magazine Articles


Plan With Me: Interview With Marlon “Musique” Campbell, CEO of D.A.N.C.E Concept (PDF)

Few people can talk about prominent parties in Jamaica that capture a great crowd every year without mentioning Summer Musique. Marlon Campbell, C.E.O of D.A.N.C.E Concept, promoters of Summer Musique and other events, shared with us some of the secrets to their success.

Location, Location: The Montego Bay Convention Centre (PDF)

Montego Bay – Jamaica’s ‘second city’ and one of the most notable vacation destinations in the world; now home to the Montego Bay Convention Centre, the first of its kind in the English speaking Caribbean. Managed by global group SMG, a corporation responsible for over 220 event venues worldwide, this centre is beautifully designed, spacious and equipped for virtually any type of event.

Planning the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony (PDF)

7 years, 37 million English pounds, 1000+ hours of planning, 500+ pieces of equipment, and over 50 hours of rehersals are just a few of the elements that were brought together to create the spectacular London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony viewed by over 4,000,000,000 people worldwide on July 27.

Even the most seasoned event planners have a hard time fathoming what it takes to conceptualize, plan and execute such an event so flawlessly. But since we’re not afraid of challenge, we sat down and tried our best to analyze the ceremony and detail just what it takes to pull off one the biggest events worldwide. Here’s what we came up with.

9 Easy Steps to Choosing a Venue for Your Next Event (PDF)

There’s no shortage of venues available for events, but how do you select the one that’s just right for your needs? Here’s a quick nine step guide to assessing your needs, finding a spot and making sure you cover all your bases when it comes to venue selection for your event.

The Hard Knock Life of a Promo Girl (PDF)

Let’s say, as a young adult female, you are offered the opportunity to dress sexily in the latest fashion, go to events and parties, have fun and be admired by men all day or night and get paid for it. Sounds like the perfect job right? Except with these clothes being so skimpy you leave very little to the imagination, having to stand up in heels for long periods in extreme cold or heat, putting up with men who take their admiration a little too far and having to find your way home at 3AM, it’s not the fabulous lifestyle one imagines.



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