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Payoneer Review: Best Way to Transfer PayPal Money to Jamaica

Jamaicans who use PayPal as an income stream have only one option to transfer this money to Jamaica – by requesting a cheque from PayPal and depositing it at a local bank. This process is long and tedious and, quite frankly, ridiculous in this modern age.

I was recently introduced to Payoneer – a great way to get my money in a much shorter time, so I decided to share it with everyone. It’s super easy to get and comes at a very low cost, compared to the benefits.


The 81 Day Wait (The Old Way)

Yes, 81 days. That’s how long it usually takes to get access to your money earned on PayPal when using commercial banks in Jamaica. After requesting a cheque at a cost of US$5.00 , which is usually approved within 4-6 business days, it takes a maximum of 45 days for the cheque to be mailed to you. It then takes the bank 31 days to cash an international cheque, which must be deposited into an account.

If you don’t have a bank account, no luck. Along with the long wait comes the unreliability of our postal system and the fact that PayPal charges an additional US$15 and 7 business days to cancel a cheque and put the money back into your account if it doesn’t arrive. NICE!

Introducing Payoneer

How would you like to bring that 81 day wait down to 3 days? This is where Payoneer comes in.

Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services business that allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards. (Source: Wikipedia)

Payoneer caters specifically to non-US residents to enable them to receive money from US companies. Their cards enable you to receive direct payments from clients, receive money earn through affiliate companies and transfer money between cards, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on their US Payment Service and how it fits in with PayPal.

The US Payment Service provides you with a US account and routing number, which can be used to receive payments from US companies that you are working with. Payments received to your US Payment Service account will be loaded to your Payoneer card.

How To Set It Up – 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Sign up for your Payoneer account at the link below. (That’s an affiliate link that gives us both $25 when you load your first $100 to your card). They will then review the information provided. Once your application is approved, Payoneer will mail you a MasterCard prepaid debit card. They will also provide and estimated date of arrival (about a month’s time) and this is usually accurate.

Step 2 – You will get an email requesting confirmation of your identity using a scan/photograph of your passport, driver’s license or national ID. Go ahead and fill those in. Without it, you will not be able to use the US Payment Service.

Step 3 – Once you get the card, activate it by logging into your account and inputting the card information and PIN.

Step 4 – Log into PayPal (I’m assuming you already have an account, if not, set one up), click on ‘Profile’, select ‘Add/Edit Bank Account’. Input the information from the US Payment Profile page of your Payoneer account (bank name, account number, routing number and account type). PayPal has indicated that they sometimes have some issues here, so if it doesn’t go through, don’t panic, just call PayPal and a customer service agent will help you.

 Important note: PayPal doesn’t play nicely with Payoneer, so when you call, just tell them you’re adding a Bank of America account, not a Payoneer one. (It won’t work otherwise!) 

Step 5 – Initiate a transfer from PayPal to Payoneer. You will get a notification from PayPal once the transfer has been made, typically after 2-3 days. That’s it! Your money is now on your card, which can be used at any ATM or point-of-sale location which accepts MasterCard worldwide.

Payoneer Fees

Setup is free. There are no costs to apply or receive your card.

There is an annual fee of US$29.95 deducted from the available balance each year. You should expect the first deduction to be made from your first transfer.

A fee of 1% of the payment amount is charged for each transfer from PayPal. You will not have to pay the above-mentioned US$5.00 to PayPal since bank account transfers are free, unlike cheque requests.

ATM withdrawals cost US$3.15 per transaction, along with the relevant local ATM fees and currency conversion fees. You will have to check with each bank individually for these. I’ve consistently used NCB ATMs without any trouble or additional fees, so that’s the one I recommend.

Point-of-sale transactions (swiping your card) are free, however currency conversion charges up to 3% may apply. (This is determined by MasterCard but I’m not sure how, if anyone can help, please leave a comment with details.)

Fee chart available here.


Other Things You Need to Know

You don’t need a local or international bank account to use Payoneer.

You can use your Jamaican address for registration and billing and for your PayPal account. No masking necessary.

The card is not a credit card! If you try to use it at an ATM without money on it, the machine may eat your card. There are also charges for checking balances and declined transactions at ATMs.

You can use your Payoneer card to buy things online just like you would use a credit card. Payoneer advises against using it for free trials, however, because if the trial period lapses and your card is charged, you are liable for that payment.

There are no extra fees or charges for your card being inactive so I suggest you get it before you need it!

Get more Payoneer FAQs here.

Tips for Minimizing Costs

Use the card directly (point-of-sale) as much as possible, rather than withdrawing cash. Although currency conversion charges are deducted in both instances, you will be eliminating withdrawal fees.

Select your ATM carefully since charges vary by bank. Use dual currency ATMs and then convert US cash to Jamaican at a cambio.

Withdraw the maximum amount you can whenever you use an ATM since it the charge is a flat fee. This amount will be determined by the amount of money on your card, the ATM limit, or your card limit, whichever is lower.

If you have any experiences with using Payoneer, please share in the comments! Let’s work together to break the mould of extravagant charges and long wait times to get OUR money!



  1. Hey Mario! I sell on eBay and have been having a really hard time getting my money out of PayPal for months now. Apart from clearing my history, browser cache and cookies; is there anything else I need to do before giving your solution a shot? Appreciate the help bro! Thanks for this blog as well Stacy-Ann 🙂

    • Hey Barry, thanks for commenting. Have you tried calling PayPal and asking them to add it for you? That has been working for people I know in the last few months.

  2. Hey Stacy-Ann,

    I recieved the funds to my Payoneer account in 2 days. I contacted Paypal several times and everything went smoothly! I also changed the bank name of the US or Payoneer Account with the help of a Paypal REP. I also withdrew the funds with ease lol What I want to ask however is where can I find SCOTIA Dual Currency ATMs in Kingston? I know that there is one on Constant Spring Road but thats very far. Do you know of any in the area of HWT – UWI Mona? That section would be in my reach with ease.

    • Great to hear you got through with everything! I’m in Mobay so I’m not too sure about the Dual Currency ATMs but I highly recommend using NCB over Scotia since Scotia charges about $500 for withdrawals. Call the bank’s customer care and they can tell you where dual currency ATMs are located.

  3. Your post was very informative. I have a question, which was kind of answered but I want to be sure before I move forward. Can I receive payments in Jamaica, from freelance sites such as elance, directly to a Payoneer card without having to get a PayPal account? I’ve done some research and it seems PayPal and Payoneer are no longer compatible for new persons (persons who linked their Payoneer to PayPal before the change seem to be unaffected). Additionally, it seems that telling them its a Bank of America account no longer works. If I can’t receive payments to PayPal directly, would you recommend Skrill?

    • Kyle, I believe elance offers an option to transfer funds directly through Payoneer. If not, you’d have to use PayPal. Some persons are still able to add their Payoneer bank account to PayPal, so my advice is that you just keep calling with different reps until one adds it for you. I haven’t had any experience with Skrill so I can’t recommend it.

  4. Thanks for the reply Stacy. I was worried as I had signed up, received the card, but was not seeing information for a bank account.

  5. Hey Stacy-Ann,

    Nice to meet you. Just wanted to stop by and leave a comment on here for you. Oh, great website by the way (pretty informative and detailed)! So, from one Jamaica to another — big ups!

    Have to admit, this article was definitely of benefit to me. Therefore, I must extend my thanks to you for taking the time to share the info on here with everyone, myself included.

    Continue the lovely work that you’re doing,

    • Thanks Keane. Appreciate the feedback. I’ll be doing even more like this very soon! 🙂

  6. I added Bank of America as my US bank account when it shouldve been The Community Federal Savings Bank. Please let me know if that was a mistake and ask Paypal to refund me of my money so I can edit my bank account details.

    • The Bank of America info should have been correct Pete-Gay, that’s the bank Payoneer uses. I can’t make any requests of PayPal but your money should be transferred soon.

  7. Hey Stacy, I did exactly what you said in your blog and my Payoneer Bank Account details was successfully added to my Paypal Account. However, I withdrew my very first $100 from Paypal to Payoneer and in Paypal it says transaction completed but I havent seen the balance in my Payoneer account as yet. Please tell me is it a case where althought Paypal approved the withdrawal, you wont be able to see it reflected in your Payoneer account balance instantly or is it that I must contact Payoneer?

    • Hi Pete-Gay, the transaction takes a maximum of 4 days to be completed (though it usually goes through within 2). You won’t see anything in your Payoneer account until it is processed, and you will get an email confirmation as well.

      Congrats on your first transfer!

  8. Hello. I just happen to see your page while searching. I have read your post and your answers in the comments but I am not sure I understand. Please answer for me.
    I have NO bank account. I went online signed up on Payoneer and a card was mailed to me. What I don’t understand is, seeing as I have a card, do I now have a Payoneer account? How do I go about telling a client to send me payment with this account? Do I need to open a local account to receive the payment? So, do I give payoneer my local account info, then they will transfer the payment to my Jamaican account?

    • Hi Nadia, Payoneer gives you a virtual bank account. The information can be found in the ‘US Payment Service’ section when you log into Payoneer. They should have also emailed it to you.

      Client can pay via US Payment Service with their credit card, or pay to PayPal and you transfer to Payoneer after. It has no affiliation with your Jamaican bank account.

  9. Help! I just tried to add my new Payoneer card as a Bank of America account, as per your suggestion. It didn’t go through when I tried to add it to my PayPal account, and when I spoke to PayPal customer service they said I can’t add an American bank account to a Jamaican PayPal account. I explained to them that although the bank account is with Bank of America, my address and contact details associated with the Bank of America account is Jamaican.

    PayPal Customer Service just said they were sorry there was nothing they could do. I made the point that Bank of America had no difficulty with my Jamaican address and I am a longstanding PayPal customer. The PayPal rep said PayPal’s rules are different from Bank of America’s.

    And I can’t open a new (US) PayPal account to attach the Bank of America (Payoneer) bank account, as the US PayPal account won’t accept a Jamaican address. (I had a US PayPal account when I lived abroad and had to abandon it when my debit and credit card address details reverted to Jamaica.)

    What the hell!

    • Hey Anya, I’m sorry to hear about that. Never heard of this issue before and I have a Jamaican address on my PayPal account too. Everyday a different struggle with PayPal.

  10. Hi Stacy, I am so lucky to have found this blog. Been scrolling through to see if I can find any of my queries answered, but to no avail. One of which is the minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn in JA$. Also, the charges by the bank’s ATM, even if there is an update. I can see so far that NCB is a recommendation and an old post had $3 something as the charge and a limit of 2500 US$.

    I recently activated my Payoneer card, but have not yet distributed monies as I am a little concern. I would like to make my first withdrawal very soon. Any insight on my concern, I’d appreciate your feedback.

    • Hi Elijah, most of your questions are answered by Payoneer on their support site but I will try to address them here.

      Payoneer charges $3.15US per withdrawal, the local bank charges differ – NCB charges nothing, Scotia and RBC charge about $540JMD last time I checked.

      Payoneer’s daily usage limit is $2500USD (I think) however the limit that matters is usually the one imposed by the local bank. I believe Scotia limits withdrawals to $30kJMD/day and NCB $50kJMD. You can call the banks and ask. This is only withdrawal, the card can still be used for transactions.

      Hope that addresses your concerns.

  11. Hi everyone.

    So I want to work for myself. But accept payments in euros, so from countries like France.

    I already have a payoneer account. Can persons just send me money straight to my payoneer account, or would I be required to link my payoneer to a PayPal account?

    Additionally, if the persons can send me payments through payoneer, when they create a payoneer account in order to do this, would they have to sign up for a Mastercard and wait to receive it before they can send me payments? Or can they just link their french bank accounts to their payoneer account after creating it?

    Also, what is the rate per ATM transaction for NCB if you withdraw in JMD? If i get payment in euros, is it possible to convert to USD and withdraw it in the same currency?

    Thanks a mil!


    • Toni, persons can pay directly to your Payoneer account with their credit card using the US Payment Service – no PayPal required on your part.

      There is no fee to withdraw from NCB except the USD$3.15 fee which Payoneer charges. Money you can be withdrawn in any currency the ATM supplies (i.e. if the ATM dispenses euros, you can withdraw in euros) so you’ll have to look for a dual/multi-currency ATM.

      Hope this helps.

      • Hi again Stacy, thank you so much for your response. However, I was told by a customer care rep from Payoneer that I would have to link the Payoneer card to PayPal, in order to get paid. I understand that persons get paid directly from the US companies through Payoneer, but I won’t be working with or affiliated with any company. I will just be working by myself, so I would not have any links with any American companies to get paid. When I told this to the customer rep from Payoneer, he suggested that i link the card to PayPal. I am not sure what to do now. I was trying to put the bank credentials that Payoneer gave me, such as Bank of America being my virtual bank and the routing number, onto PayPal, but I only got an error message saying “you cannot add a bank at this time.” It didn’t give me a reason as to why I cannot add a bank. So I don’t know what’s the problem.

        Additionally, when the persons from France etc are going to pay me, how is it possible for me to get paid without them having to have a PayPal account? I was told that it is possible through Fiverr for example, but when I googled it, I saw that Fiverr is a place where people post gigs, and then persons who are able to do those gigs, do them and get paid. I would assume that I would have to post my classes as ‘gigs’ (which seem a little ridiculous) in order for persons to pay me. Not sure at all what to do. Do you know what can be done?

        Thanks again in advance,

        • Toni,
          As mentioned in the article, you will have to call PayPal to add your BOA details. Don’t tell them it’s a Payoneer account. Just ask for help in adding your bank account. I believe Payoneer requires a transfer of at least $100 unto card before you can start accepting payments directly through the US Payment Service. Persons can pay you from anywhere through PayPal via credit card. (You can Google to find out how to set this up.)

          • Ok Stacy, thanks very much for your response! Will do what you’ve suggested 🙂

          • Thanks a lot for your response, Stacy! Will try what you’ve suggested

  12. Hi Stacy! I was reading someone else’s blog post where you commented on a reply in regards to the PayPal debit card as a means of accessing funds at the ATM. The person did mentioned that you have to ask someone in the US to take out one for you. How does that work? Ever since I’ve been unable to access funds with my Payoneer card, I would love another option other than the usual. If it is that someone has to take out the PayPal debit card for me, does that mean they take it out in their name or mine? What happens exactly?

    • Hi Tonette, I have no idea how that process works and I’m pretty sure it’s not legit. Once your account is associated with Jamaica, you can’t change the location, and therefore can’t apply for the card. If you’re having issues with adding your Payoneer card, you can try one of the options listed here:

  13. Hey so I got my card a few days ago followed the steps that you told me and everything went through fine thank you

  14. I see where you have to have money on the Paynoeer card to link it to your paypal how do i get funds on the card locally to do this?

    • As far as I am aware, you cannot link the card to PayPal, only add your Payoneer bank account. You do not need to have money on card to do this.

  15. Could you advise which NCB atm in Kingston can be used to withdraw money and what is the minimum amount you can withdraw


  16. A friend of mine had issues with adding Payoneer to Paypal. This is the response he got back.

    Thank you for contacting PayPal.

    This is Paul, your Account Specialist for today. I hope you are doing well.

    Mr. Paul, I can see that your bank account was processed through Payoneer. Please be advised that we just had an update that effective immediately, as a security measure, we will no longer process transactions to bank accounts from Payoneer regardless of the country the customer resides in. This must be the reason that you were getting an error message when in you tried to withdraw funds.

    For security reasons, we cannot disclose as to why we can no longer transact with Payoneer. Please try to add a different US bank account.

    • I’ve answered this question in the post and several times in the comments. The PayPal rep cannot identify Payoneer accounts unless they are told. When you are trying to add the card, just tell the rep you’d like to add your BOA (Bank of America) account and they will do it for you.

  17. Hello, since the withdrawal limit on the card is $2500 USD

    How can I withdraw that much in Jamaica in a day or i have to do multiple days? Where do I can go? Is it possible?

    • Hey Dre, that is a very good question. I know the Jamaican ATMs have their own limits. I think the local limits are the ones you have to work with because I don’t know of any other method to withdraw funds from the card. The only other option would be use the card at POS directly. Let me know if you find any other methods!

      • I don’t think POS will work haha

        as I want the cash to put in my local bank account (NCB)

        i wish there was a way 🙁

        What about CoolCash ATMs? they let out US currency, you know their limit?

        • OK, so i think i found a sulution, but this is for high amounts.

          U can send money to someone you know via online WU, costs $125 (to send $2500 USD)

          or MoneyGram ($51 to send $2500)

          • oh, my bad! haha. it’s a $120 to send $2500 USD via credit/debit card via Money G

  18. Hi there. So after I have added the bank account. How soon will my profile change from unverified to verified? And do I need to add my Payoneer card details also?

    • Hey Daniella, I’m not too clear on the questions you’re asking but I’ll try to answer them as best as possible. If you’re referring to the verification status of your PayPal account – that’s usually done when you add a credit card I think (not your Payoneer card). You don’t add your Payoneer card to PayPal, only the bank account information. If you’re still unclear, I’d suggest you call PayPal and they can tell you more about how to verify your account. PS. Don’t mention Payoneer on said call, tell them you’re using a Bank of America account.

  19. I am so happy to have found you’re website . I would like to know what local banks in Jamaica you suggest getting a master card with i noticed you suggested NCB tellers do you have an NCB mastercard? but what others? looking forward to your reply.

    • Heya, Lici. Thanks for reaching out. I’m wondering if you mean a credit card in general, not just a Mastercard? Unfortunately, I’m no banking or credit card expert nor have I done much research on their rates, so I wouldn’t be able to recommend any one in particular. The Mastercard mentioned here is a prepaid debit card, not a credit card.

      Overall, I love the services offered by Scotiabank for commercial banking purposes, but you can also check with First Global and Sagicor. (I’m not a huge fan of NCB, but that’s a personal preference.) Hope this helps, please let me know how it goes 🙂

  20. Hi! Very informative information you have here. Can you tell me what is the maximum withdrawal per day from Payoneer? I have an account with them and it says the limit is $2500. Considering that I am living in Jamaica, is that US currency or J’can currency?

  21. Hi, I recently signed up for and have successfully linked my payoneer card with paypal account. There were some issues at first and when I called paypal they flatly refused to lift whatever restrictions there was. I gave up and called the other day and told them I was trying to add a Bank of America Account albeit unsuccessfully and wham the customer agent open the gate to me . Thank God. After about a day and half I see the money reflected in in my payoneer account . I want to thank Social Media Chica for this article that led me to this payment solution, it is a Godsend. Peeps don’t give up on your dreams, try try and try again. God bless

    • Yay Misha! That’s so great to hear. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me and future readers. I love seeing Jamaicans doing things and earning US so it makes me really happy to hear that you tried again and didn’t give up. I wish you all the best and please feel free to reach out anytime.

    • Misha, after paypal approved your request is it a case where you had to wait 1 and a half days to see it reflected in your payoneer account? Please cause I recently withdrew $100 from Paypal and it was approved but my payoneer account still says $0. I dont know what to do

  22. hi Stacy.. i was trying to add my payoneer card to my paypal account just now but i was not successful. i called the customer service on paypal and was told that they no longer support the adding of payoneer accounts. aparently the payoneed account# are special as i had indicated the it was a BOA account.

    any other suggestions..??

    • Hi Jo, I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having. From what I’ve heard, the Payoneer numbers are not distinguishable from regular BOA accounts and I’ve had other friends add their cards recently. I’d recommend trying again – if you can, probably set up a different PayPal account with another email address. Just tell them you’d like some assistance with adding your card, and answer the questions accordingly. Please let me know if this helps.

  23. Stacy -ann remembe you cannot have the payoneer widdow open while try to add the account

  24. there is a easier way to link you payoneer us base bank account to your paypal….paypal uses highly sensitive cookie to track customers info, so all you have to do is delete your browser cache cookie and history, everything and then get your payoneer bank details and try adding it again…i’ve tested it bay adding and removing my us base account multiple times and it works 🙂

  25. Can an unverified Pay Pal account be linked to Payoneer?
    I tried adding the bank account, using Payoneer but I receive a pop up message stating it cannot add and I should try again later…

    • Hi Sammy, not sure if you read the article but it actually answers your question. Quote:
      “Input the information from the US Payment Profile page of your Payoneer account…PayPal has indicated that they sometimes have some issues here, so if it doesn’t go through, don’t panic, just call PayPal and a customer service agent will help you. (Quick note: PayPal doesn’t play nicely with Payoneer, so when you call, just tell them you’re adding a Bank of America account, not a Payoneer one.)

      Hope that helps!

      • Yes, I saw that…but I wondered still 🙂
        Thank you for responding… I will call Pay Pal and see what happens.

  26. Hi Stacey, I have a payoneer card and I tried to make a withdrawal from the Scotia Dual Currency ATM, but was not given the option to withdraw USD. Can I do USD ATM withdrawals from the payoneer card? or do I have to withdraw in JMD. If USD withdrawals can be done, which ATMS in Kingston can I try.

    • İ have withdrawn in US before and so have others but I know they have been having troubles with Scotia, which charges an exorbitant rate when others don’t. I would recommend calling NCB and asking the locations of their dual currency ATMs

  27. Payonner exchange rate sucks for India,
    Maybe they will delete the topic so this is my post over there.


    I recently asked the payment from fiverr and got very less exchange rate and I asked them in support and got their reply as
    “The Global Bank Transfer fee in your local currency is $3 per transfer.
    The currency exchange rate is 2.75% above mid-market rate at payment transfer time.”
    Pretty unprofessional and they did not understand my query.

    That day exchange rate was 1 US Dollar = 61.94 Indian Rupee

    Payment Amount: $1041.00
    Transfer Fee: $3.00
    Amount Transferred: 55227.28 INR

    This is no where make near the exchange rate.

    $1041.00 – $3 = $1038
    55227.28/1038 makes 53.20 INR per US dollar?


    • Hi Shashi,

      Thanks for sharing this. I don’t have that problem in Jamaica. The exchange rate is about $113 and Payoneer’s rate is about $109 so that’s not bad. Is it possible that this is the Fiverr rate and not Payoneer?

      • Their mail support guy/girl did not look into issue and replied false.
        I talk with live support and he said it looks like a issue and I will transfer this issue to relevant department and they will contact me in 1-2 days. Let’s see what they will reply.

        As far as exchange rate, fiverr has send $1041.00 and now payoneer has takes approx 532.20 INR per USD which should be approx 60 INR per USD.

        • Hey Shashi the exchange rates are determined by Mastercard, not Payoneer.

    • Finally got discussed by payoneer and they send me the remaining amount, their exchange rate team has used wrong exchange rate.

  28. Hi, I’m looking for more information on online money transfer services. Whenever I do my research, I see posts like this which talk about using Payoneer along WITH your PayPal account. Is that better than using Payoneer alone to get money to Jamaica?

    • Well it all depends on who is paying you. If it’s a Payoneer affiliate or business in the. US with a credit card, then using Payoneer directly works. If not,you will have to use PayPal. You will have to transfer a minimum of $100us from PayPal or a Payoneer affiliate to activate the payment service to get paid directly.

  29. Hello Stacy-Ann, how long have you been using your Payoneer card? I just got mine in the mail but some the reviews I am seeing are not encouraging at all and I would like more information about it before I send them my ID information (I haven’t signed up for the US Payment Service yet).

  30. Paypal no longer accept payoneer bank info. Makes no sense to join payoneer now if u get paid through PayPal and not payoneer affiliate company

    • Hi Sashel, thanks for commenting. As I indicated in the post, there is a workaround for that and I am aware of several persons who still use it.

      • Guys, I have a debit card. Is it possible to set up and account with payoneer using that?

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