in Self Improvement

Never in my entire life did I ever think I’d find an inspiring alligator but last weekend, I certainly did.

I can’t really do this justice by just talking about it, so watch with me, then let’s talk…

He DID that!

So many things about this video had me screaming “Yaaaass!”

(I’m not that girl, the one who scream “Yaaaass!”, but damned if this gator didn’t change me completely in that moment.)

First of all, he had his eyes on the prize from day one. He knew where he was headed and he was not determined to let any obstacle get in his way. Impossible would not be impossible today.

And he didn’t just attack it. Oh, no. He scoped it out and weighed his options. But when the time came for action, he just jumped right in.

And f*ck the haters. Not once did he turn and look at the camera or pay attention to the naysayers behind him. #CouldCareLess

That was a gator on a mission. And I respect him for it. If I met him, I’d like to shake his hand…

Well, from a distance.

Anyways, I’m totally bookmarking this for future reference when I need some motivation. (I was using the Kelly Rowland vid but something tells me we weren’t quite on the same page.)

So, will Ninja Gator be your new life coach too?