On Being ‘Unique’

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Have you ever noticed that being ‘unique’ is in style these days?

I mean, everybody wants to be individualistic and do something ‘different’. They go so far that they will choose the different approach even when it doesn’t suit them. Just to be ‘different’.

But my question is this. If you are doing something ‘different’ because being ‘different’ is what everyone else is doing, isn’t that just another form of fitting in. Aren’t you living up to the status quo by going against the grain just for doing it’s sake?

Truth is, people who are truly different, never care about being different. They do ‘strange’ things because that’s what they want to do, not what the world say they should, or shouldn’t.

Why take the road less travelled if what you really want is just to be on a familiar path? Why not do what everyone else is doing if that’s what you enjoy?

At the end of day, you answer to you, right? And the question you’re answering is…

‘Are YOU happy?’

I know I am.