Hi, I’m Stacy. I build websites, manage social media, design graphics, and write content for small businesses on a budget. Get in touch for a quote!

Here’s what I’m up to right now:

Working on… Relaunching my blog – that’s coming this month! Still ironing out the kinks re: what to post and when to post, but you’ll be seeing some new content soon.

Obsessed with… Trello. I’ve been using Trello for years now, but I recently set up a board to schedule my weeks out in advance, and I have been almost maniacal about sticking to the schedule and my weekly planning ritual.

Being entertained by… House of Cards all over again. My favourite character is Claire – I think we have a lot in common. Also bingeing Fresh Prince of Bel Air too – still relevant, still hilarious.

Challenging myself to… Finish Phase 1 of my latest side project – a site for digital nomads to find the best gear available for travel and nomadic living.

Wanna reach me? The best ways to contact me are through the contact form on this site (which goes straight to my email) or send me a quick message on Twitter @stacyannhayles.


Last updated August 2018. Inspired by Derek Sivers’ /now project.