hands-woman-legs-laptop smlYou don’t need millions of dollars. You don’t want to build some big corporation. You don’t want to be the next Facebook.

You want freedom.

You want to sleep in ’til 2 PM if the mood hits. Or go to your niece’s first school play. Or work at midnight when everyone else is fast asleep. Or enjoy the beach when the sun’s out.

You want to work with people you like. And have daily conversations with people who get you. And sell stuff to people who actually want to buy.

You want to use your knowledge and skills to support your lifestyle and your family. To enjoy what life has to offer now, not put it off for a retirement that may never come.

You want to work to fuel your life, not the other way around.

You want to be a digital solopreneur.

Digital Solopreneur – A person who freelances or runs an online business single-handedly. They may hire contractors or outsource jobs, but they have full responsibility.

This site gives you the tools, resources and strategies you need to succeed as a digital solopreneur. It is geared specifically at service providers, but will benefit almost anyone who wants to earn an income online.

You won’t find link-building or SEO or any other “techie hacks” that you can’t understand. Just plain and simple English. Do this. And that. Make money. No bullsh*t.

Oh, and if you’re allergic to words like sh*t and f*ck and goddamm*t, you won’t like it here.


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